Why Joel Friant Launched The Original Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant is a successful businessman who has started companies in a number of industries. He has been in the field of real estate and has also been a success trainer, for instance. He also does product creation and his greatest one to date is the Habanero Shaker. He came up with the concept of this product while he was in the restaurant industry. Years before this he had developed a passion for eating habanero peppers. He thought that they had the perfect mix of heat and taste and he even went so far as to take a vacation to Jamaica in order to sample all the different varieties that are grown there.


Back in the United States, Joel Friant developed a habanero supply chain from where it is grown in Latin America. He wanted his product to offer something superior to habanero pepper based products which were around back then, in 1995. At the time they all masked the heat and flavor of the habanero pepper by mixing in lots of salt and cheap spices. He vowed that his product would consist of only habanero pepper flakes. The Habanero Shaker was a big success at both his restaurant and on the shelves of some of Washington states biggest grocery store chains.


After a few years he decided to focus on the real estate industry and so he started a house flipping company. He stopped producing the Habanero Shaker for a number of years but he never forgot about it. His real estate company going under during the 2007-2008 recession was the impetus to drop out of that industry and he instead started a company that provided life and professional coaching using positive energy.


In 2012 he decided to relaunch his habanero pepper product but this time online so that he could reach as many consumers as possible. The Original Habanero Shaker has been available on both Amazon and eBay for five years now and the reviews are outstanding. He says the shaker size means it is very portable and so can be taken to work and back home very easily so it can be enjoyed on food throughout the day.

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