Whitney Wolfe Introduced Bumble Bizz

     Whitney Wolfe is on a wild ride with Bumble, and women in the business world are eager to take this ride with her she has becomes someone that is quite well known because she has created a platform where more people are able to network and find others that are in the same area of expertise that they are in.

Bumble is definitely changing the perception of women in business, and it always helps to have a woman that is leading the way when it comes to changing perceptions about women. Whitney Wolfe has done a lot of work to create a successful dating app, but she knew that women wanted to see much more than that in the business world.

She knew that there was always going to be a chance to tackle social media in another way if she had access to women that were interested in

other things outside of dating. With Bumble she struck the jackpot because she found a way to connect women that wanted to date, and she found a way to connect these people that were interested in building friendships. What Whitney Wolfe would prove to be successful with a third-tier for Bumble is ability to help people network with Bumble Bizz. It appears that the app that started as something for dating has expanded into the social media community for networking.

A lot of women are happy about this because it gives them a new way to contact others if they are in the small business world. Whitney Wolfe married recently, but she realized that all women are not looking for dates.

She knows that there are lots of other people that have a desire to do what she did. She knows that every single woman is not necessarily looking for a mate. She realizes that some women are online simply looking for ways to connect with others that may have started a small business. This is what makes the Bumble platform so valuable.

Bumble is something that continues to be one of the better apps out there. It continues to embrace a wide range of possibilities for women that are trying to make their lives better. Bumble has become the platform that people look for when they want to try something that is different from the norm. This is what she wanted to create with her social media platforms inside Bumble.