Vijay Eswaran: the journey of resilience

Entrepreneurial journeys are interesting but Vijay Eswaran journey is probably the best illustration of determination for a better world. His journey, from a small set-up in Asia to a Forbes finalist in Asia shows a strong-willed person. What gives him this strong character? He describes himself as a learner, an avid reader of books and human character. Even in this world of major technology, he still prefers books and written text as opposed to videos and podcasts.

He has interests in hospitality, education, and real estate. These interests stretch in more than thirty countries. As an economist, he has successfully operated in different Asian countries. All these countries he has business interests are different and his ability to operate in diverse economies is exceptional. Nevertheless, Vijay Eswaran has vast experience in business and business is definitely his most comfortable niche.

As a public speaker, he has been an integral part in the corporate world. Through his great motivational speaking to corporate events, Vijay Eswaran is never shy to explore leadership as a topic. He has been a constant advocate for servant leadership and the role of leadership in the success of companies. For example, he has constantly challenged leaders to care for fellow juniors, expounding of the company vision for a successful company.

He is an amazing author. Vijay Eswaran has explored different topics in his publications but all have one thing in common: they are excellent. For example, he is a talented storyteller and his books have received amazing ratings from Goodreads of more than 4.8/5. The subject matters are relevant to both the corporate readers as well as for motivation. In some instances in his books, he has used his real experience. Personal experience gives him the unrivaled connection with his readers. On a scale level, his work is full of wisdom.

His contribution to South East Asia is unmatched.

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