Top Insights on Jed McCaleb and Stellar Foundation

Jed McCaleb is a blockchain cryptocurrency specialist and a prominent American Programmer. McCaleb is also known for his huge contribution to the world of cryptocurrecy like starting Mt. Gox which is the first Bitcoin exchange globally. Still, Jed has been majorly involved in other pioneer Projects like eDonkey. eDonkey is one of the initial localized peer-to-peer file distribution networks which was started by Jed and his associate developer Sam Yagan. eDonkey was the first network to execute the multisource download.


In the year 2014, McCaleb started on his newest venture, Stellar. McCaleb partnered with Joyce Kim to cofounder Stellar Foundation. Mc Caleb oversees the technical development sector of Stellar Development Foundation. McCaleb’s technical development job is two major segments. First, Jed works on building and coding the technical aspects of Stellar and his team as a whole. Also, Jed focuses on responding to matters and emails pertaining to the Stellar foundation as a whole.


Stellar Foundation gets its core support from a nonprofit organization known as combines digital financial literacy and technology. McCaleb spends quality resources and time looking for possible ways of improving both new and existing technologies. McCaleb’s dream is finding possible ways of solving various problems globally using the technology.


Starting Out Stellar

After understanding what Bitcoin was and also knowing how possible it is to solve various problems using Bitcoin technology, Stellar’s idea was birthed. McCaleb saw the dire need of creating a fresh digital currency which connecting various financial institutions. McCaleb was certain that Bitcoin technology was transformational. Jed chose to create an open financial network source which connects financial institutions. Stellar focuses on linking various institutions to each other.


McCaleb attributes his entrepreneurial success to spending ample time developing sturdy strategies and plans. McCaleb strongly believes that poor planning and setting wrong goals will make you a failure.