The Transformer Of Cosmetic Surgery Mark Mofid

Have you ever dreamed of having cosmetic surgery to improve your appearance? Many people today both men and women dream of changing something about their appearance in order to become aesthetically pleasing to the eye. There are plastic surgeons today who are able to make this happen overnight. In addition, there are plastic surgeons who have done countless hours of research to improve cosmetic surgery in order to make it more safer for patients. There has been a history of horror stories with plastic surgery, but Dr. Mark Mofid is one of the plastic surgeons dedicating his time and effort into making plastic surgery safe for patients.

Dr. Mark Mofid is an American board certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Mofid practices in the city of San Diego, California and the La Jolla, California area where he operates his own private practice. He is one of the most well-known plastic surgeons performing cosmetic surgeries at his best. Dr. Mark Mofid received his degree from Harvard University and done his postdoctoral fellowship from John Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Mofid is so well trained and experienced that he has recreated plastic surgery at his best. He decided to invest many of his time and efforts into studying plastic surgery to improve it and make it safer for patients. He has worked with other doctors overseas to discover new ways to improve these types procedures.

Dr. Mofid first got into the field of plastic surgery, he realized that there was a lot to improve on. He begin studying and researching countlessly on ways to improve plastic surgery and the materials used. Dr. Mofid then grew an interest for gluteal augmentation surgery. There were many medical issues with this cosmetic procedure due to the implant used for gluteal augmentation being incompatible with the human body and later began to sag overtime as well as caused other medical problems that became aesthetically unattractive. Dr.Mofid was able to come up with a new design, a superior design gluteal implant that had better positioning, low profile and had improved ratios. This newly developed implant then became the upgraded, hottest implant in the market of gluteal augmentation.

Overall, Dr.Mark Mofid has recreated gluteal augmentation to make it more safer for patients. Patients can be rest assured that they are in good hands when having this procedure done. They no longer have to worry about what is to come in the future.