The organizations that fight for a better society


A country that is full of slaves is devoid of happiness. A nation that does not consider the happiness of its people does not have a reason to exist. The natural world has people with different intentions. Some people are happier when others suffer, and it is such people that advocate for the violation of human rights. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter

Most of these people are elected to very influential positions which give them the authority to work harder to ensure that the minority suffers. Since people have different intentions, it becomes challenging to understand what other think of every situation. There is a relief in the current society as hundreds of organizations have come up to support the good cause of human rights.

The Frontera Fund

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey had never thought of supporting the works organizations that fight for human rights. Being that their rights have never been violated, it became harder for them to understand the pain that the minority goes through.

After being wrongfully arrested by a powerful sheriff in the state, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey understood how it feels to have rights withdrawn. After winning the case against their charges in court, the two used the entire sum of their compensation to support the works of human rights. A sum of 3.75 million dollars was donated to different organizations to support their excellent course.

The American-Muslim Council

The American Muslim Council is an organization that supports the work of the Americans by giving an Islamic perspective. The current relationship between the Americans and the Muslims is strained, but the organization is trying to bring sanity back to the community.

In supporting coexistence, the organization is very objective in its plans to bring the communities together. Issues arise between the Americans and the immigrant Muslims.

The organization does not blindly support the works of the Muslims, but it considers the origin of the problem so that there can be an objective solution.

Equal Justice Networks

Justice is easily affordable to the rich. The poor people struggle to reach a point where they can comfortably afford legal representations in case their rights are violated.

It is very common that the rich trample upon the rights of the poor and since the poor cannot defend themselves, it becomes easy for justice to be diverted. The Equal Justice Networks has come up with ways in which to help the poor get proper justice.

The organization ensures that there are provisions where the common people can be heard without the requirement of legal representation. People who did not study law can represent themselves, and their cases have to be considered using the layman’s approach.

For the complicated cases, the organization pushes for representation by state lawyers without subverting the will of the case.

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