The Journey of Real Estate Investor Jim Toner

We consider most successful people to be well-educated with one, two or more degrees. One man, however, has become an expert in his field without a college education. He is a living testimony that the experience is the best teacher. He has risen from counting quarters on his plastic table to having thousands in the bank. His name is Jim Toner.

Background Information on Career

Jim Toner is a real estate investor who has been in the industry for about twenty-five years. He is also a radio show host, author, and speaker. Jim’s passion was in business, and after high school, he chose not to pursue college but work instead. Toner (@thejimtoner) did different odd jobs like bar tending, banking, roofing and even fitness training. However, they were never fulfilling or financially satisfying. He credits Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill as his eye-opener.

The Real Estate Journey

After reading the book, according to Jim Toner he decided to try real estate; he had been intrigued by their TV infomercials. He devoted the little money he had into real estate courses as he had no knowledge or experience in the industry. Toner memorized everything from those courses but still did not make money. This went on for a while until he approached another real estate investor who helped him climb the ladder and did his first transaction.Jim Toner, however, has not had it easy in the business. Before becoming accustomed to the industry, Toner lost a lot of money, but he considers these events as vital lessons. He has also been ripped off together with his clients, which drove him to quit real estate in 2010. After a few months away, however, he returned. He started a real estate training company to counter the lies that were being spread about real estate.

More Information

In addition to his career, Jim Toner is the author of Send in the Wolves, an Amazon bestseller and The Consumer’s Guide to Real Estate. He has also been featured on CNN for giving veterans debt-free homes. Jim is also on the Pittsburgh branch of the Salvation Army Advisory Board.

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