Serial, Millennial, Entrepreneur Billy McFarland is Moving Fast Building Magnises

Billy McFarland represents the millennial generation, age 22-35 and it is this population that is making an impact on the traditions of the United States. McFarland is a young, NYC entrepreneur who has a talent for connecting groups of people both online and in real time.

In 2013, Billy released Magnises, which is a club formed for the young, extravagant and elite crowd. Magnises focuses on the Millennials who are succeeding in business but want to connect with others with similar interests.

Billy himself is 26, and he realized that this age group, who inhabit the trendy, entertainment lifestyle, need to connect. In just three years, Magnises has over 10,000 members in NYC and DC, so Billy was right.

In March 2014, he released a sleek black card for Magnises membership, which accesses all the products, discounts, perks, party locations – everything.

The Lifestyle is Billy McFarland’s

While he was attending Pingry School in New Jersey, he founded three businesses; Billy has never worked for anyone but he uses his creative ability to create work for himself.

When he graduated from high school, he attended Rutgers but left because he had to release his latest venture Spling. Spling is used in advertising to translate text URLs into graphics, so they could be displayed on virtual bulletin boards.

McFarland has a long list of impressive clients from Spling including Discovery, Universal, the Hearst Corporation and Warner. What has attracted the attention of major entrepreneurs is that Billy has been raising institutional venture capital,

McFarland’s motto is to work fast, looking for new ideas, and he has already developed an app to coincide with the card and the elite club activities. Magnises is gaining a phenomenal reputation, and Billy is working to expand this exciting group to Atlanta, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, London, and then to go international.


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