Securus Technologies Is Bringing Inmates Closer To Home For The Holidays

The holidays are without a doubt one of the most exciting parts of the year for families. Spending time with loved ones, exchanging gifts and stories brings joy to the heart. Until recently, children of parents who were incarcerated often missed out of the joyous moments of the holiday season. Typical prison visits would not allow the exchange of gifts, and traveling to and from can often be difficult for loved ones. Fortunately, Securus Technologies, world leader in inmate communications and prison has found a way to help bridge that gap.


In a recent video released by Securus, we have the chance to see first hand just how important those special moments are. A young boy is overjoyed to show off his Christmas gifts to his father. As he rips open box after box, his father watches in amazement, thankful for the ability to be a part of this moment. Even when it seems impossible, Securus makes it easy to keep families together. Not only does video visitation offer a solution to young ones who may be missing a parent, they also give inmates a visual and interactive reminder of home.


The ability to maintain relationships and communicate with loved ones is important. Picking up the phone, or going to visit a friend seems normal. It is something we often take for granted. For those who are incarcerated, communication becomes less accessible, yet more vital. Studies show that inmates who maintain relationships with loved ones outside of prison demonstrate better behaviors and are less likely to become aggressive with other inmates. Understandably, any communication within a correctional facility must be monitored, and any communication software must meet their strict security regulations.


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  1. For decades, Securus Technologies has been the most trust provider in secure and efficient inmate communications software. Though distance may be great, video visitation is only one click away. I do know for sure that would have what is needed to make sure that these things come to pass.

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