Ryan Seacrest and His Foundation

Ryan Seacrest is a man known by many people. His television host program career has turned him into one of the most recognizable people in the television industry. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1974. By the end of high school, he had secured an internship with a local radio show. He soon went onto to study journalism at the University of Georgia, while keeping his local radio job going. However, before long he left to pursue TV broadcasting in Hollywood.

It wasn’t until he landed the role of host for Fox’s newest program in 2002, American Idol, that the name Ryan Seacrest was known all across the country. He later went on to host ABC’s annual New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and Live with Kelly and Ryan. His television presence continues to remain high with a reappearance as host for ABC’s American Idol reboot.

As with many people his fame, Ryan Seacrest founded the Ryan Seacrest Foundation in 2009. It was designed to give kids the opportunity to explore broadcast media. He wanted pediatric hospitals to build studios for kids to play in and learn from. It would be encouraging for the children and teach them about how their favorite radio or TV shows are put together.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation is a non-profit organization. It relies heavily on donations and volunteers to function. The program has several big-name sponsors such as iHeart Radio and the Atlanta Braves. The program has currently been established in 10 hospitals across the country. They appreciate all forms of support even if it’s just subscribing to their newsletter.

Ryan Seacrest is one of the most well-respected men in the country. He is known far and wide for his television hosting jobs even before he built his own fashion line. However, behind it all he uses his fame to help children. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has been inspiring children for years and continues to expand into new facilities. The program has been very successful. At the same time, Ryan Seacrest has continued to remain a strong force in the television world.