Rick Smith’s Accomplishment in Developing One of The Best Security Companies

Rick Smith is a successful alumnus of the University of Rochester and the State University of New York. He obtained his masters from the University of Rochester while getting his Degree in Engineering at the State University of New York. Smith has been part of the executive team at Eschelon Telecom. Currently, Rick Smith is the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies. Securus is a leading security company that has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

Securus Technologies is a security firm that has focused on providing sophisticated security and communication solutions for the criminal and justice department. Most of the services the company offers are tailor-made for the law enforcement agencies, the prison establishments to be precise. Securus’ services are designed and developed to increase public safety while also modernizing the incarceration experience to both the inmates and the prison’s staff in charge of security.

Under Smith’s leadership, he has steered the company into focusing on simple but secure and robust systems; this has led to the adoption of Securus products by a large number of prison facilities throughout North and South American companies. While in charge of Securus, Rick Smith was able to usher in John Bell to the company’s senior vice president in charge of sales position. The reason Securus opted for the services of Bell was the wealth of experience he would bring into the creation of the company’s highly sophisticated software sales team.

Being a leader in the development of versatile technological solutions, it only fitting that the company brought in a highly competent and skilled member of staff that would contribute to the development of excellent products and services. Smith has led Securus to create an extensive range of products. The products and services that Securus provide its clients exceed 800. Unlike other security companies. Securus has invested in customizing its services to meet the different set of requirements for both law enforcement agencies and other firms.

While focusing on increasing the quality of products and services, Securus offers, Smith and the other top-level executives at Securus approved a $600 million budget that would go into research and development of cutting-edge products and services. The approved budget would see the company through a 3-year development phase. Another thing Rick Smith has focused on since taking the CEO position at Securus is the hiring of highly skilled Personnel.

The purpose of targeting experienced individuals to positions at Securus is to make the company more competitive, and profitable using the wealth of experience brought in by these members of staff. Rick Smith has made Securus Technologies one of the pioneer companies capable of providing cutting-edge technology that is aimed at preventing and solving the crime.

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