Napa Valley Must See Sights

     Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides love to take their customers on tours of the offbeat paths to experience art, history, culture, and yes, even a little wine. In Napa Valley, there are plenty of sights and attractions beyond just wine tasting. While the area is famous for its wine, the wine guides love to take customers on tours that allow people to experience the full culture.

For the Art enthusiast, Napa Valley offers many sights. One local sight is the Art Walk Exhibition. This popular event features works from artists all over the country, and some of the most breath taking sculptures. Part of the proceeds from the sales help to fund future shows. The tourist who loves to learn the history of a place will find all their answers at the Napa Valley Historical Society. They collect physical artifacts of Napa’s past and invite people to learn about the area’s rich history through lectures and tours. For those who are interested in the rich art and history of the area, these two spots will help to satisfy those needs.

While wine is what put Napa on the map, other products, like olives, are grown in the area. The rich soil lends well to growing olives. Round Pond Estate is where high quality Mediterranean olives are produced. Olive oils of different varieties are made at this oil mill. Plenty of other activities are available than just drinking. Cooking classes at the Silverado Cooking School, relaxing at the Auberge Spa, and sight seeing at the Robert Louis Stevenson State Park. A trip to Napa Valley can include many experiences than just wine tasting. They have sights and attractions to fit a variety of tastes.

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