Marc Sparks: The Entrepreneur Helping Others to Move Forward

Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur who has started a lot of companies in the US. He graduated from high school in 1975 and rose from being a C student to one of the most notable entrepreneurs of our time. He started Timber Creek Capital which is a private equity firm based in Dallas. It invests in companies that need a helping hand. The company provides holistic services to the companies that it invests in including capital, mentorship, support staff, accounting, and capital.

The company’s portfolio includes companies such as Bluejay wireless, Irish Fire, and HaulFox. Some enterprises that it invested in were successful to the point that they attracted buyers. Timber Creek invested in Splash Media, Reliant Healthcare, Cobalt Real Estate, and GlobalTec Solutions, all of which have been acquired. Sparks started Marc USA. It has grown to become one of the largest advertising agencies in the Pittsburgh area.

The agency began Marketing Sparks. This is a program that seeks to pair startups with some of the best marketers. The program will help startups to market themselves better and learn how to do so by working with the best in the business.

According to Wikipedia, Marc Sparks is a philanthropist who has started and given to many causes throughout his life. He has been a supporter of the Samaritan Inn for over thirty years. The organization runs a homeless shelter in Dallas which houses more than 150 people each night.

It has helped many people to gain a footing in life. Marc is passionate about the project and has called for more people to support the shelter because there are individuals who are turned away because there is not enough room.

Marc has worked with Habitat for Humans which helps to put up homes for the less fortunate. Sparks started the Sparky Kids Foundation which donated computers to kids to help them gain computer knowledge.

This is a group of high schools that works to nurture high school students into all rounded individuals. Marc is also an author and recently released his book known as “They Can’t Eat You.” He talks about his life experiences and his journey. He talks about how he started many unsuccessful ventures even though many people remember him for the successful ones.

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  1. The shelter offers counseling, job placement, health, and financial services so that the residents can live with knowledge on how to fend for themselves. He is a supporter of the American Can Academy. To write my assignment is what is mind right now and not about these things they are talking about.

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