Luiz Carlos Trabuco Will Work Alongside The New President

When it comes to organizational change, the chances of failure continue to override the chances of success. Even worse, in a report by the Harvard Review, more than 60% of the entire transformation efforts fail because of the lack of viable strategies. Nevertheless, the patter is often crystal as diligent leaders understand the value of devoting themselves to the impending changes.

Like in the case of Banco Bradesco, the management has recently been undergoing vast changes. As such, the company decided to focus on planning by devoting resources to the initiative. Therefore, when it was time to elect the new president to serve in place of Brandao de Mello, every strategy had been exhausted and the best one selected.

The Back Story of Banco Bradesco

Banco Bradesco’s journey to change began in late 2017 when Brandao de Mello decided that it was time to step down from the throne. When the media asked why he was resigning, he stated that it was critical for the company to try out the efforts of a more vibrant and youthful leader. Even so, he did not mean that his replacement should be elected from outside the banking jurisdiction. In fact, he insisted that the leader must be recruited internally as there were more advantages weighed against the disadvantages.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Joins the New Reigns of Leadership

While resigning, Brandao de Mello put Luiz Carlos Trabuco in charge. Carlos took over immediately. At the same time, he prepared his employees for the impending change. A devoted leader, charismatic and resilient, Carlos was selected on the basis of his personal merits and beliefs. Furthermore, having joined the company as a teller, he dedicated most of his time to understanding the ropes of the institution. Within a few months, he was prompted to serve as the head cheerleader in the department of finance. However, that was not the end for him as he continued to invest more time and effort to the growth of Banco Bradesco.

The Leadership Choice

Recently, the board of directors decided to elect a new president. Based on the initial agreement, internal recruitment carried the day. As such, there were several applicants battling for the same position. However, the regulations of election were utterly too tight for a conventional leader. Therefore, Octavio de Lazari is the only candidate who met the requirements of the board according to

Octavio de Lazari

Those who work in Banco Bradesco know his as the vice president of the company. Octavio de Lazari, who joined the firm when he was just a teenager, is officially the president of Banco Bradesco. His election was appended to his dedication and resilience to serve the bank. Apart from that, he has been supportive in growing the client base of Brazil into an international firm. Like his role models Brandao de Mello and Luiz Carlos Trabuco, he has promised to offer employees the best working environment. On the other hand, he has promised to work hand in hand with the leaders of the company to establish a strong operating platform for the company. From the look of Bradesco’s transition, it is right to conclude that all it takes for a company to excel in changing leadership is a clear pathway. With the support of Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the banking firm is set to excel as the leading bank in Brazil.

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