Luiz Carlos Trabuco; Managing the Transitions at Banco Bradesco

     When organizational transitions are announced, employees dive into several groups including one in which they will try to control their destiny and one in which they would want to quit before the changes are implemented. All too often, the group will research, try to increase their productivity or even hit the set goals on time so that they are protected from the impending downsizing. What most employees fail to understand is that organizational changes can be pretty helpful at times because an organization does not always have to elect a replacement from outside its jurisdiction. Just as Luiz Carlos Trabuco of Banco Bradesco has managed to maintain his position as the CEO for decades, while assisting other employees to develop their career in one way or the other, organizational changes can be organized and communicated before they are implemented.


Introducing Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Banco Bradesco, a leading investment firm in Brazil has been experiencing different organizational changes since Brandao de Mello tendered his letter of resignation. Brandao, who had been serving as the head of the bank in the presidential unit was now ready to let a different leader into a position he had held for decades. While leaving, he asked the management to concentrate on recruiting his replacement internally. Perhaps his main concern was a new leader from outside the bank interfering with what he had already created in the past. Just like any other leader who has put in a lot of work to establish a stable business or organization, he aspired to maintain the operations of Banco Bardesco by maintaining the existing leaders. Apart from that, Brandao de Mello made sute that Luiz Carlos Trabuco succeeded him.


Additional Information

According to the former president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was the ideal leader who could walk in his shoes before another president was elected. With that said, it is important to note that Luiz Carlos Cappi became an employee at Banco Bradesco when he graduated from the Sao Paulo University after studying politics and economics as well as languages. When he joined the bank, he got an entry level position serving as a clerk. However, he was visionary. Therefore, his motivation and dedication contributed to the several promotions he received after fifteen years of service.


The Observation

As Luiz Carlos assumed the position for the short while, he worked with the board of directors to elect a new president. From the list of candidates that appeared for the interview, it was concluded that Octavio de Lazari was the perfect choice for the bank. Until now, Luiz Carlos has been guiding him on how to handle the new position.


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