Learning How To Stay Safe During Financial Market Crashes With The Oxford Club

Just a few days longer than a full thirty years ago, the infamous Black Monday wreaked havoc on financial markets. That October 19, 1987, day of trading brought a stock market plunge of never-before-seen proportions. It still holds – even through late 2017 – itself as the largest single-day drop in share price.

The Dow, an index of 65 public companies’ shares, dropped an alarming 22.6% on that October, 9:30-AM-to-4:00-PM day of trading traders now know as Black Monday.

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission – also known as the SEC, the United States’ authority on financial markets – Black Monday occurred as a direct result of algorithms that control financial markets and the value of their constituent shares.

Alexander Green, the chief investment strategist at The Oxford Club, recently shared several measures investors should take to guard against financial market crashes. It’s important to predict bear markets. If one isn’t able to predict them, they shouldn’t even think about reacting to market downturns, usually emotional in nature.

Investors also need to keep a large share of cash in their bank accounts, allowing them to scoop up cheap stock after market crashes and keep their families afloat.

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