Learn How Tammy Mazzocco Sells Real Estate

Tammy Mazzocco is an expert at selling residential real estate in Central Ohio. She started her career in the mid-1990s as a secretary in a 9-man commercial real estate firm and worked her way in several supportive jobs until she became a full-time realtor in 1999, that can be found on linkedin.

Tammy has worked hard over the years, and it has paid off handsomely. Today she works four counties in Central Ohio and has busy days, but her track record has also allowed her to take some time off as well from time to time.

Real estate sales in Central Ohio were excellent in 2016 because there were lots of jobs and people had the money to put down payments on houses. However, in November of that year, a housing shortage occurred which slowed the market down by sheer lack of houses. The buyers were there, but the houses were not so much.

Tammy Mazzocco had a good year in 2016 selling real estate because she plans for such events. If it had not been a housing shortage, it would have been something else that might have caused a ripple in the market. Tammy has to plan for such events, and she has done that.

Her secret is to have a lot of suspects in the ready to buy or almost willing to purchase stages. She uses a software platform called “Follow Up Boss” to keep track of the hundreds of people she has previously visited with, shown houses to or met while they were in different stages of the property-buying scenario.

Tammy always makes it a point to focus in on any concerns that perspective might have, whether it be in the real estate world, or even if it has something to do personally. She has learned that if people are troubled, they usually don’t purchase houses. She has to set aside her problems, and totally focus on what the problems are for the clients. They know too, whether or not you are sincere if you are they will do business with you.

Tammy often mentions on Facebook that she has learned not to take herself too seriously, and she refuses to live with any fear of failure. Not everyone is going to buy a house from you, but it takes all of those no’s to get to the ones who will say yes, and that makes everything, all the work and sometimes the frustration, all the more worthwhile.

Tammy Mazzocco on tumblr: https://tammymazzocco.tumblr.com/

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