Kevin Seawright: Creating Development and Strategic Opportunities

Combining finacial strategy and developmental construction, Kevin Seawright has accumulated a wide range of success. The finacial strategist helped create a variety of unique and innovative services throughout the East Coast. The Notre Dame University graduate applied his longterm experience in business and money management together, securing a prestigious job in the city of Newark, New Jersey.

Kevin now serves as the leading name in finaces in Newark. He is the current Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for the city of Newark. Dedicated on securing private and public contracts and sub contracts, Kevin is focusing on reshaping the city.

The construction of educational facilities is the leading foundation behind Kevin’s plans. Adding emphasis on the youth, he has helped lay a stable groundwork for future entrepreneurs.

Offering an array of mentoring tips, advice and wise words, Kevin uses his social media as a platform to create a relationship between himself and inspiring entrepreneurs.

According to Market Wired, Kevin Seawright also uses his podcast to promote himself and future plans.

According to PR, Allowing viewers a detailed perk into his working platform, Kevin Seawright has managed to utilize all social platforms to include his audience.

Kevin Seawright has managed a total of 400 million dollars in assets. Making him one of the most successful and notable finacial strategists available, he often uses his background in payroll services to help secure finacial management opportunities.

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