Jim Toner: The Basics And Faith To Triumph

Do you run your Company or does it run you.. into the ground? For over 28 years Jim Toner has successfully built wealth and taught others how to do the same. He continues to do so warning us that four out of five new business startups will totally collapse within a consecutive five year span and for preventable reasons. His business partner, affectionately known as The Irishman to Jim’s The Wolf, agrees reiterating the five mandatory elements for every business if they’re to have a chance to succeed.

Born and raised in a working class neighborhood of Pennsylvania, Jim Toner sought out promising careers early on in his professional development. Barely graduating high school himself and unimpressed by college graduates’ options on the concurrent economic front, he went so far as to hold down three labor positions simultaneously. Even with that many and an unsurpassed work ethic, he could barely make ends meet for him and his family much less help others as he loves to do. Saving money toward the future was out of the question as well. Sensing that he had nothing to lose and everything to gain, he decided to take on the ‘Real Estate Investment With No Money Down‘ challenges popularly broadcast on late night infomercials during that time. Within 18 months, Jim Toner had successfully turned his economic life around and began to help many others across the Nation do the same.

However, this was not the fairytale end of his journey as per ideamensch.com. In a way, he considers it the beginning. What Jim Toner would later endure he came to describe as a visit to hell custom made such that he could later guide and mentor a hundred fold number of his proteges than during his first encounter with financial success. Through a series of events that are still emotionally gripping, he developed what he calls a level of wisdom and life perspective just shy of jaded and with just enough cautionary instincts and savviness regarding business, fellow mankind and the government to propel him unto a level of invincibility and passionate proactivity on every front. He proclaims that without the steady prayers of faith in Christ JESUS of his wife functioning as the family glue, they never would’ve made it beyond that point.

From a different angle Jim Toner encourages potential entrepreneurs NOT to follow their passions, that is, unless they have crunched the numbers and their desired product or service offering mandates profitability. He further explains that no one is likely to reach financial freedom by means of employment under someone else. Owning one’s own business is the key to building sustainable wealth for your family but you have to embark upon it correctly right from the very start inclusive of extensive research, development and market analysis months even years prior to launch. The Wolf and The Irishman pride themselves in working from a platform of sheer integrity, their aim toward the same in their clients and willingness to share all of their business prowess to help others scale way beyond what they could have ever imagined.

They explain that successful businesses thrive by employing these five pillars: 1/ generating sales leads, 2/ converting sales, 3/ customer retention via experiences unavailable from the competition, 4/ dedicated and clear path for referrals and 5/ a realistic engagement process for lost or disappointed customers. Jim Toner explains that these are the five basic elements of every lucrative business venture but that there is so much more that you would want to apply as well. Many tips require a mentor readily available to walk you through the motions particularly for situations not easily grasped until you are in the thick of it with them. Jim explains further that while his mainstay has always revolved around real estate investment, their wealth building system works for all industries, services and products. He considers himself a veteran of having endured an extreme episode of ‘whatever could go wrong, it did’ and unabashedly sports a badge of wealth, joy, longevity and advancement not easily shaken.

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