Jeffrey Schneider: A Financial Guru with a Heart for Charity.

Jeffry Schneider is the founder of Ascendant Capital LLC, a company that offers alternative financial- investment services based in Austin, Texas. His career in the financial field started in Manhattan after he graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a bachelor’s degree in Science. He gained his professional skills by working for notable financial firms like Alex Brown, Smith Barney, and Merrill Lynch.


As an investment and advisory company, Ascendant Capital LLC majorly focuses on residential and mortgage loans. This is done through extensive education, marketing and sales by the more than 30 employees in the firm. Since its inception in 2008, the firm, through its founder, has raised fund almost a billion dollars that has been used to purchase real estate, technology companies, auto dealership and much more. Its growth has been impressive such that last year, 2016, $50 million was raised on a monthly basis. With such massive growth, the sky is only the limit for Jeffry and his team.


The firm has been able to grow as the members embrace open communication from top to bottom management, having trust amongst the employees as well as their superiors and being transparent in all that is done. Nevertheless, according to Jeffry, the most important principle he thrives on is knowing that the customer is always key and should be given top priority at all times.


Being a brother’s keeper is a philosophy that Jeffry holds dear and has participated in a number of charitable organizations like the Gazelle Foundation, the Cherokee home for children and, God loves we deliver.


Outside of his work life, Jeffrey is a lover of life who enjoys traveling, believes in eating healthy and doing exercises to keep fit and has participated in quite a number of marathons. He has written a number of articles such as staying fit this season, balancing parenting and fitness, creating a happy office, and being a great CEO. Work aside; he is a father.


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