Jeffrey Aronin Cares Deeply About The People He Works To Treat

Jeffrey Aronin is an entrepreneur with a heart of gold who is the Chief Executive Officer of Paragon Biosciences, which is a biotech incubator that he co-founded. His company works to help patients who are suffering from serious or rare diseases that the medical community has not paid enough attention to so that effective therapies can be created. By supporting many different companies in the sector, Paragon has helped to discover many new treatments. Aronin continues to work as hard as he can to see more of these kinds of therapies in existence so people can live better lives.


Jeffrey Aronin has always had a creative mindset that when added with his years of experience has led to enhanced medical approaches. His work and support of other companies has been a large part of the reason why treatments for many rare diseases have come about that otherwise wouldn’t have. Every company that Paragon Biosciences supports works with its own leadership and focus but is a part of the portfolio of Paragon. This network of companies works much more efficiently than one stand-alone company ever could, and that is why Paragon’s business model is an effective and revolutionary model.


Jeffrey Aronin has helped to push through 14 innovative medicines that were approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the man has no plans of slowing down. This is wonderful, but Aronin has always wanted more. Instead of stopping there and taking credit for the work he has done, which would be his right, he has decided to offer financial aid to other researchers who have dedicated themselves to discovering treatments for diseases that have been ignored for far-too-long. When research teams come up short with their funding drives, they look to Paragon Biosciences to offer them a hand. Since Jeffrey Aronin has worked in the industry for many years, he knows plenty about offering the financial assistance they need as well as the knowledge to develop the kinds of research strategies that solve the riddle of rare diseases. To put it simply, he cares, and this is the most important characteristic someone who is successful in his industry could hope to have.