Jeff Aronin and the Biotech Industry

Jeff Aronin is an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry, He discovered his passion for healthcare and pharmaceutical development after graduation from DePaul University with his masters and shadowing a physician treating epileptic pediatric patients. Seeing the doctor search for treatments for the child’s seizures that did not involve brain surgery inspired Aronin to pursue a life dedicated to the bio-pharmaceutical industry. Apart from being an entrepreneur for bio-pharmaceuticals, Aronin gives lectures on the industry and on entrepreneurship at prestigious business schools in the country.

Since deciding to become an entrepreneur, Jeff Aronin has become chairman of several pharmaceutical companies including Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals, and Harmony Biosciences. He has founded a few pharmaceutical companies including ovation Pharmaceuticals in 2000, as well as Paragon Biosciences. These businesses have established Aronin as one of the top entrepreneurs in the biotech healthcare field.

Jeff Aronin founded biotech company, Paragon; he founded this biotech company for the sole reason of helping others. He created an innovative company that would focus on helping patients that had little, if any, treatment options available to them. He was determined to help others with his company and give them hope with new treatment options. Aronin’s company, Paragon, identifies strains of diseases that have an urgent need for treatment, and few options currently available. His team of researchers studies causes of diseases and chronic conditions, test what has already been put on the market and tried by patients, and research solutions for a better treatment options. After this, they research science that could lead to a new innovative treatment for patients. Once they have the scientific knowledge behind them, Aronin’s team of researchers builds companies that conduct clinical research and develop strategies to ensure optimal access to the new medical treatment options.

Jeff Aronin’s field of business in pharmaceuticals, researching and developing medicine, can be extremely risky. Several treatments that are thought to work fail, and other medicines don’t even make it to clinical trials. Through it all, Aronin and his researchers stay focused on illnesses, and getting treatment to patients who, without Paragon, would have no hope.