Jed McCaleb’s Economic Participation

Have you ever asked yourself what you can do or learn from another person? Have you ever thought about looking into another person that has similar interests as you?

Jed McCaleb works hard in life to get where he wants to be. He works hard when it comes to his career and his family. After all family is everything. Jed likes to watch everything that changes around him. He likes to live in the world while comparing the different technologies that change around him. This was when he noticed that there were too many people being left without resources. Remember those questions I asked in the beginning? Without having resources there would be no way to find anything out on the internet. Jed works to make sure that his company which is Stellar increase the economic participation for everybody that is online. This being said he works to make sure all people can access the things they need to. Stellar works links all of the different companies that are online together making it easier for those people we were talking about to access different institutions. In an article from, Jed predicts how the blockchain will have a big impact with the current banking system.

These companies are all connected to different banks and if there is no way for these people to access banks then there is no way for them to save more or send money to those who are family. Everything is connected by the internet and there is no way of changing that. Banks sometimes don’t work with those who don’t have the best money situation because they are low income. With this company they work to help those who are in need have the best options that they have out there. This means that they work to send money to those who need it a cheaper way rather than those who cannot or don’t have the money to be sending all the time. Jed talks about the way he likes to work in smaller teams because then everybody is heard not just one person. This really does make everybody else happier in the end. There is also talk about the way this company is going to be working in 20 years.