Jason Hope Is Taking To The Internet To Discuss The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope is one of Arizona’s most innovative tech entrepreneurs. After graduating from Arizona State University, he founded his first tech startup, Jawa.

Jawa was one of the first companies of its kind. In an era before most people even owned a cell phone, Jawa was offering premium mobile content such as ring tones, music and even streaming video. Hope’s visionary talents were, quite frankly, stunning. He was able to foresee the coming deluge of mobile apps and other paid content almost a decade before Apple even released its iPhone.

Jason Hope went on to form many other companies. He worked out many solutions in the business-to-business software field. He was also one of the first people in the world to embrace the software-as-a-service business model, a model which today dominates the entire global software industry.

But it’s perhaps been his abilities as a futurist that have most stood out. Since he was a young man, Hope has had an intense interest in all things technical. Reading magazines such as Wired, Motor Trend and even the Lancet, Hope got an uncanny feel for the direction in which technologies, from the automotive sector to medical research, were heading. It was this almost supernatural ability to predict and even set trends that made him such a success in the business world.

Now Hope is taking to the internet to discuss his views on the nearly limitless possibilities that the Internet of Things will offer those who are on-the-ball enough to seize the day.

Learn more about Jason Hope: https://soundcloud.com/user-563030590

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