Herbalife24 Products

Herbalife, the weight management supplement company, now offers a line of supplements for athletes called Herbalife24.


If you complete intense workouts regularly and worry about muscle inflammation, Herbalife24 makes capsules called Restore that aim to reduce this inflammation. Herbalife recommends taking one capsule each night before going to sleep to allow the curcumin and elderberry to scavenge free radicals and promote muscle recovery overnight. Restore also contains vitamin C and beta-carotene to protect your immune system. One container of 30 capsules sells for $40 on Amazon. Users who have tried the product generally left positive reviews, with a few individuals claiming these capsules have replaced the Aleve and ibuprofen they used to take for sore muscles after a workout. One person even used Restore for allergy relief instead of post-workout relief (which Herbalife does not recommend) and was happy with the results.


Then there’s Formula 1 Sport, a protein mix and/or meal replacement. This is similar to the regular Formula 1 that Herbalife makes, except Formula 1 Sport is less for weight loss and more for muscle gain. Formula 1 Sport contains Milk protein for lean muscle growth, carbohydrates for energy, L-Glutamine for muscle formation, and antioxidants to protect your cells from damage. The creamy vanilla-flavored protein shake can be taken any time of day, but many reviewers suggest drinking it instead of eating breakfast to start your day with a boost. One user suggests this mix tastes best when stirred into almond milk. It is a bit on the expensive side, since one canister (which should last you about one month) costs $48 on Amazon, but users claim it is worth it since Formula 1 sport doesn’t leave a chalky aftertaste like other protein shakes. The reviews also state that the mix does live up to Herbalife’s promise to give you more energy before, during, and after your workout. The only negative reviews of Formula 1 sport claim that the powder doesn’t mix well into liquid and creates a protein shake with an unpleasant chunky texture.