Gregory Aziz and The Fascinating Growth of His Career Before National Steel Car

When we speak of business, we usually hear about risk-takers. We can hear about the ravaging of the savage business leaders who want to take down the competition. We also hear about the treacherous struggles, the uncontrollable ego, and the menacing attitudes of entrepreneurs that compromise the future of their company. Fortunately, these are all the events and situations that Greg Aziz has faced and conquered.



Who Is Greg James Aziz?


You may have heard a lot about James Aziz, but you probably need to learn a lot about the many ways that he gave rise to the successful growth of National Steel Car, in which he is the President and the CEO. The path to be the company’s CEO, by the way, was not a walk in the park. The fact that Greg came from London, Ontario and was born on April 30, 1949 may have contributed to how his career turned out since there are studies saying that the place you were born in and your age could play a remarkable role in your career growth.

It is also another instrumental part of the growth of the career of Greg Aziz to have a degree in Economics at the well-renowned University of Western Ontario. Sure, we could say that the school you’re in could not dictate your career, but in the case of Mr. Greg, education has a lot to do it. Visit This Page to learn more.



The Family Business


What also contributed to the growth of the career of Gregory J Aziz is also the fact that he learned the nitty gritty of the business world from working in his family’s food business, which is Affiliated Foods, and this was in 1971. Because of the fact that it’s a company that ranges across several countries means that there’s so much stuff that Greg learned from his family business.

All of these lessons are now an important foundation in the way that Greg Aziz handles National Steel Car. There’s more: with the early corporate training that Gregory J Aziz earned, he’s now able to make sure that the railroad freight car manufacturing business he has built in National Steel Car will stay relevant in the international competition. Truly, without the training that he received from his family’s business, he would not have been able to offer the same fantastic service to the company.

In addition to the great training that he got, Greg Aziz also went to work for several banks in the 1980s and it’s the knowledge about finance that he got from all these experiences that now strengthen Gregory J Aziz’s expertise to boost the growth of National Steel Car.