Gareth Henry-Badminton Player and Activist

Gareth Henry has a voice, and he has used it to tell any and all who will listen to him about the hate crimes that are happing against gays and lesbians. There are still places in the world today that simply do not tolerate same-sex relationships or sexual preferences that may differ. Instead of letting his experiences mold him into someone who is quite resentful Gareth Henry has chosen to help others through theirs.

Some people will go to extremes to show that they do not tolerate these differences and they will go to drastic measures. Gareth Henry has personally lost 13 of his friends to such hate crimes, and many are forced to live in cemeteries and even sewers. Gareth Henry has many stories to share about brutal crimes and d-even murders of people who have been hurt or killed at the hands of those who hate gays and lesbians.

Gareth Henry himself had to flee his own country because he was targeted. He was mobbed, and his life was threatened and he no longer felt safe in his own home. He now resides in Toronto where he works at the Toronto People With Aids Foundation. He gives all of his spare time to helping the Rainbow Railroad, an organization that is helping refugees to get away from all of the persecution that they are facing in their own countries.

He has shared many horrible but true stories such as the one about a man, only 29, who has his intestines ripped out by a pit bull and another about a man who was disfigured by acid that an angry mob threw at him. A transgender man was sexually assaulted and still another committed suicide to escape all the persecution and shaming that he had to endure.

Henry has helped the Rainbow Railroad to get 60 refugees into new countries in 2016, many of whom were also Jamaican. He continues to give as much time as he can tote cause when he is not working, and he will continue to let the world know what is happening to people.

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