Freedom Checks is a Cash Grab in Investment Clothing

Financial guru Matt Badiali is presenting average joe investors with a unique opportunity, one borne of a new tax plan that has just passed. The plan has given certain businesses a tax advantage, one that presents a unique opportunity for savvy investors. One such investor is Matt Badiali, and he is so excited for the prospects that he is trying to tell everybody. He has even given the investment a catchy name, Freedom Checks, but unfortunately the unfamiliarity most have with the investment has them crying scam. Read this article at

Freedom checks are not government hand outs, but a return of investment. Depending on the company that is invested in it could be a monthly or quarterly payout. The check that Matt Badiali presents in his television ads is actually a private check, because freedom checks are in reality an investment in natural resource companies.

The opportunity is known as a Master Limited Partnership. It is a business partnership created for the soul purpose of the benefits it grants. The partnerships are tradeable allowing the company to act like a publicly traded entity. This grants the company special tax privileges, and gives the investor a profitable stake in the company. These stakes are very affordable, some as cheap as $10 dollars. They do not give the stakeholder any control of the company, but do grant them a portion of the profits. It is the delivery of said profits that Badiali calls freedom checks.

The tax plan Badiali speaks of allows a significant advantage to companies that deal in 90% natural gas/oil production, collection, and transportation. Said company does not have to pay taxes until they have divvied out revenue, but in order to gain the exemptions they have to divvy out 90% of that revenue. So in realty the company only pays taxes on 10%, while stakeholders get 90% of the payout. A very good deal. Probably why Badiali calls it a history making cash grab. Read more: