Financial Planning Advice From Top Adviser Richard Blair

Richard Blair is a registered Investment Adviser at Wealth Solutions. He works at Crownbridge Wealth LLC, (Jun 2012 – Present), Blair Insurance Group LLC (Jul 2007 – Present), Worldwide Ventures GP LLC (Nov 2003 – Present), Worldwide Ventures LP (Nov 2003 – Present), United Global Securities, Inc. (Oct 1993 – Dec 2012). At wealth solution, he believes everyone needs a plan to help them pursue their financial goals. He said that “I have developed my own firm with the goal of providing objective advice and customized investment, retirement and wealth preservation strategies. I enjoy the challenge of helping others accomplish their personal financial goals.” Insurance products and services are offered and sold through individually licensed and appointed agents in all appropriate jurisdictions. Richard Dwayne Blair follows the “Three Pillar Approach” to develop a comprehensive financial plan.


Phase one is to begin designing a financial master plan. After carefully analyzing the clients current plans for the future, their strong points and weak points, how much risk they are comfortable dealing with and other important key factors, he then begins to establish a financial plan for the future of their livelihood. This part of the planning helps Richard to develop better relationships with his clients.

The second phase sees a lot of action from Richard as he micromanages the clients assets in order to optimize the end results regardless of the up’s and down’s in their respective markets.


No one knows what each new tomorrow will bring, and that is why we need to be prepared for the unknown at all times, this is the third phase. Richard Dwayne Blair helps his clients plan for these events with life insurance, long-term care insurance, and annuities.


Richard Dwayne Blair was always drawn to the world of education. Combined with a natural aptitude for finance, he realized he could help people with their financial planning and investments. He founded Wealth Solutions with the goal of making a significant and positive difference in the lives of individuals, families, and small business owners. Wealth solution is a registered Investment Advisory firm based in Austin, Texas. Richard Dwayne Blair help his clients to bridge the gap between the planning for and living in retirement and also help them to avoid common pitfalls and providing strategies for retirement income planning, his goal is to help his clients pursue their vision of a successful retirement.