End Citizens United Endorses Conor Lamb for Pennsylvania Special Election

     There has been a shocking turn of events since Donald Trump took the Presidency, and not just what his administration has been up to. Since President Trump took office, Democrats have been on an absolute tear. Democrats have flipped 34 state-level seats with an additional governor and Senate seat also going blue. Times are changing, the resistance is in full swing, and Republicans are starting to realize that this isn’t stopping anytime soon. Next in line for a potential upset is Conor Lamb, a Democratic challenger facing off in a deep red district in Pennsylvania.

Conor Lamb is an upstart progressive who has been making waves thanks to his broad appeal to both rural voters and city workers, namely the labor unions. Lamb, 33 years old, will by vying for the vacant seat in the 18th Congressional District against Republican Rick Saccone, a 59-year-old former military intelligence officer. Both Lamb and Saccone are trying to take over the seat formerly held by Tim Murphy, a Republican who was forced to resign after scandal ended up at his doorstep. After Tim Murphy’s scandal-fueled resignation, Democrats sensed an opportunity.

Among the most prominent progressive groups making waves during this Blue rush is the political action committee known as End Citizens United. End Citizens United is a political action committee that was created in order to fight back against corruption and dark money sweeping into politics. End Citizens United got their name from the 2010 Supreme Court decision regarding Citizens United, a conservative propaganda outreach group that argued that corporations were people and that donations to political groups were an extension of their freedom of speech. Needless to say, this decision ended up rocking the political world in a bad way as dark money has since flooded into politics.

Conor Lamb recently appeared at the American Legion Hall in a small rural town right outside of Pittsburgh. 85 veterans were in attendance and they took a shine to Lamb’s own veteran status as a former marine as well as his moderate and progressive values. Lamb’s gathering went so well that many of the attendees were vowing then and there to get out the vote. Still, all of the passion in the hall couldn’t temper the fact that Lamb still has an uphill battle to climb. He’ll be trying to take a seat that hasn’t been held by a Democrat since the ’90s, but support from his base and End Citizens United will serve to help in a big way.

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