Dr. Imran Haque: The leading Internist in North Carolina

If a list of the prominent internists in North Carolina were to be drawn up, Dr. Imran Haque would be somewhere among the top physicians. Presently, he practices at Horizon Internal Medicine; a medical facility in Asheboro. Since he graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) in Santo Domingo, Dr. Imran has been practicing medicine for 15 years. It is worth mentioning that Dr. Imran Haque has furthered his studies by attending the University of Virginia.

Residents of Asheboro and North Carolina, in general, have made Horizon Internal Medicine their preferred medical facility courtesy of Dr. Haque. He is popular with patients because of his caring nature and personalized services to patients who have diabetes and other conditions that are untreatable but manageable. Such patients require a committed medical practitioner who will guide them towards achieving their health goals. Dr. Haque derives pleasure from assisting his patients to have a quality life. He is a people’s person, but he also warns against people with ulterior motives.

Although he is a medical practitioner, he confesses that he had tried his hand at business particularly sock and textile business. The business failed to scale up successfully, but Dr. Haque learned some lessons from the venture. He explains that he was eager to expand the business without considering some essential factors which are imperative regarding business expansion. Also, at the time, Dr. Haque was focusing on two very varied activities: medicine and entrepreneurship. However, he quit the business to focus on what he understands best: medicine.

With the increased use of technology in virtually all sectors of life, Dr. Haque is pleased with how technology is revolutionizing the medical field. He particularly mentions the use of technology to create massive databases containing information on patients. Physicians can quickly access such databases enabling them to improve the services they administer to patients.

Although Dr. Haque failed to scale up his textile business because he had too much going on at the same time, over the years, he has worked on his multi-tasking skills. He confidently states that his current multi-tasking skills are above par. In fact, his credits his multi-tasking ability to being a successful entrepreneur.