Dr. Chris Villanueva: nerf weilding, tech-geek dentist

When asked what was the best $100 he ever spent, Dr. Villanueva answered high end personalized nerf guns. For the office. Sounds like a kind of wild work place…perhaps one of those huge corporate offices where employees can play video games, basketball, perhaps roller blade around in a huge, open work space, right? Not exactly. It’s his dental practice. Dr. Villanueva is a firm believer one should not take ones self too seriously. He also believes it’s important to have fun at work and have an unique working culture. At his dental practice, MB2 Dental in Carrollton, Texas co-workers may be surprised to get blasted by a nerf gun as they get off the elevator. Just in fun, of course!

Dr. Villanueva, an active practitioner, founded MB2 Dental from the idea to mold a dental organization from operating standards of a private practice and those of a corporate owned group practice. He had experience working on both sides of the fence so he understood what was needed to provide the best of both worlds to provide support for dentists without compromising the integrity of his beloved dentistry profession. Because the MB2 Dental organization is a dentist-owned firm it puts the dentist first, therefore, the patients. A self-proclaimed tech geek, Dr. Villanueva is excited about new technology for dentistry and the benefit of advanced care for patients. The culture, environment and support of a dental organization is vitally important to Dr. Villanueva.

MB2 Dental was founded on the premise that dentist working together can do more than alone. The business model focuses on autonomy, support, personal growth and having fun. MB2 dental has bi-annual owner retreats where the dentists can unwind and build their work relationships. The tenth retreat was in Cancun. These retreats bring together dentists from Alaska, Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana, and New Mexico where they have swam with dolphins, spent a luxurious time at a day spa, golfed, relaxed on the beach and went on a Jungle Boat tour. MB2 Dental Solutions currently has 80 affiliated locations in over six states that employee 1,000 individuals. More information and links to their offices may be found on their website.