Doe Deere And LimeCrime: Models Of Makeup And The Entrepreneurial Spirit

There is no arguing that Doe Deere is a free spirit. She is also an entrepreneur with a passion for helping people express themselves through makeup and fashion. In several interviews, she has simultaneously spoken against the harsh, hindering, and antiquated rules of the makeup industry’s past, and the bright new horizons modern technology is creating in that industry.

To her, makeup is not just about looking beautiful, or adhering to social norms. This remains even in the face of fashion experimentalism and certain media-born extremes. Makeup should primarily be thought of, and utilized as, a tool to help a person feel great about their preferred modes of personal expression and spontaneity.

This is why LimeCrime Cosmetics encompasses so many realms. It offers colors from traditional to outrageous. The line is not only perfect for making the skin an even canvass, but making it a canvass for self-expression in any way the wearer sees fit. Though it is staggeringly successful in the world of traditional makeup arts, it adheres to next generation philosophies like the imperative of being animal-friendly.

Doe Deere is the product of colliding cultures. She was born in the stolid and sometimes oppressive culture of Russia, but was raised in New York, the world’s art and fashion capital. This is a difficult, yet perfect combination which contributed to the eccentricities that make Deere’s ideas so powerful to consumer groups.

In 2004, she was inspired by rare cosmetic products that spoke to her as an artist. She began a small line of homemade cosmetics and modeled them herself using online shopping portals. Like the happenstance combination of Russian and American cultures, the combination of her own unique look with the power of social media grew her makeup fan following exponentially. Now, every product offered by LimeCrime is first used by Doe Deere herself, and promoted to consumers through personal experience.

LimeCrime Cosmetics has become a model company for other female entrepreneurs. It gained a foothold in the cosmetics industry through its founder’s belief in the efficacy of a modern woman’s personal power, and owning the desire and drive to act decisively upon it. Like the free and innovative looks its products promote, women who look up to Doe Deere find the inspiration to step out of their safety zones and announce themselves to the world.


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  1. Her entrepreneurial thoughts demand encouraging individual flexibility, yet bend over backward to keep up norms of magnificence. Doe Deere likewise has an inborn diligent hard working attitude that has driven her to prevail no matter what. It is a very nice work in which and that is the way in which they might have these things and it could have worked out the way it is for as long as possible too which is not easy.

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