Desiree Perez: The Secret to Tidal’s Success

There’s no denying that Tidal has undergone a complete overhaul in the past few years. Tidal works on a model of releasing exclusive music content of music artists on a regular basis, some of which include album exclusives by top international artists like Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Lucas Graham to name a few.

It is easy for a business in a saturated market to have a hard time getting off the ground. The music streaming industry has grown significantly recently, with the emergence of numerous websites and podcasts each trying to attract as many listeners as possible. In this sea of numerous music sources, Tidal has managed to keep its head afloat and remain a top contender allowing to the efforts of one person – Desiree Perez.

Desiree Perez or Dez, as she likes to be called has been a notable figure in the music industry for years. A close associate of Jay-Z, she has worked with numerous top artists owing to her stellar track record of working with SC Enterprises.

According to reports, as of the year 2016, Tidal has over one million trial members.  Some of these albums include Beyoncé’s Visual Album ‘Lemonade’ and Kanye West’s re-release along with the exclusive content of his album.

By giving members access to exclusive content, Tidal has found a way to make a place for itself in the music industry and our hearts, with Perez at the center of this. Owing to her 20-year long affiliation to Jay-Z, they were able to convince artists like Prince who were initially against the idea of selling their music online, that Tidal would be a good platform to give to the world content that they have never seen before and won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Perez has done an incredible job at helping Tidal grow and manifest into one of the biggest online music portals today.

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