Daniel Taub

Many people might think of “peace talks” as a widely accepted and mainly fundamental component to a productive and secure society. But, it might also come as a surprise to these people that this simple task can be quite a challenge when a cooler head is needed to maintain international relations.

There are several men throughout history who champion this cause and make worldwide societies a better place to live in. One is such individual is Daniel Taub and his record of service is heavy with instances that validate this claim.

Depending on your point of view, keeping the nuclear advances of Iran from threatening the Jewish state is one of his most important task performed. Its cornerstone is the idea of forming alliances throughout the Middle East.

Perhaps, his wisest strategy employed during this endeavor is to get the UN involved and tying in a Geneva Accord. Although this is a good start for peace talks, Daniel Taub understands that there has to be more in the fight to keep nuclear aggression to a minimum between states.

This cooperation needs global attention, which is why he involves United States officials in the discussion, plans and building process. His main concern is for the Israeli people and other countries with Sunni population. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

Nuclear advancement and possible aggression threatens all of these communities as well as Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States. In this adventure, Taub does his best to include the concept of unity along with self-preservation when it comes to international security.

It all comes from his ability to see the region in different layers and not just as black and white borders. In fact he is so adept at this particular social skill that he can envision a world in which the Israeli nation state and Palestine territories actually find a common ground.

For him it’s all about the ability to make new decisions and choices that may be seen as radical no matter how innovative. The job includes asking the question if partnership is possible. And if so, why not make it the best one it can be?

As an ambassador to the United Kingdom his experience and skill set includes multi-national aspirations.

This boils down to the fact that he knows what it means to keep relations smooth between Iran and Israeli communities while at the same time getting the west to care. When a person has this level of responsibility, it all about doing what is right for as many people as possible.

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