Creative, Inspiring, Ambitious. Bridget Scarr

One does not just simply become a Creative Director, Executive Producer, and more by having a small dream. Bridget Scarr made it happen by having the fortitude, the ambition, the vision to bring what could be a reality, to life.


As Co-Founder at livRe VR, and partner/Managing Director at Pollen Creative media, Bridget Scarr has created authentic, interactive experiences with award winning results. All of her work is developed and produced with her passion onboard, one that is visually rich, edgy, stirring both mind and soul, provoking our thoughts, changing our perspectives, the way we actually look at things.


Bridget Scarr is the epitome of truly following what your passion is, proving that if people find what they are most passionate about, and go after it, success will not only be in place, but happiness will engulf itself into their lives.


Her, along with her partners, produce compelling content for a plethora of brands, broadcasters and companies nationwide, throughout digital media, and straight into the homes and lives of millions. Her intellectual creative genius cannot be compared to the competition, as it stands alone in its very original form, originating from her heart.


“Eliminate fear. Trust your journey; believe in yourself and your God-given gifts.” Just a slight look into the inner-being of this amazing woman, her words alone inspire the masses. And living by her own words, along with her incomparable vivid entrepreneurial spirit, she knew her ideas needed a permanent home. Thus, Colibri Studios was born.


Colibiri Studios is the place where Bridget Scarr can bring her own creative content to life in not only the digital realm of our world today, but in a more traditional setting as well, such as projects designed for television. Being grateful, appreciating everything and loving unconditionally are a very large part of her character traits that compel us, move us, and help her to help us see the larger picture in her work.


As busy and amazing as this woman is, she believes in taking a minute, a time-out to renew, refresh, and breathe. This concept seems impossible with as much as she has accomplished, and continues to accomplish. However, these moments are how she keeps that creativity flowing.


“Be light. Be free. Relax. Find your faith.” Powerful words from an extraordinary woman, a true inspiration. Bridget Scarr, a woman of many talents, a woman of passion, spirit and heart.


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