Collecting Evidence in Cold cases with Securus Technologies

I have been investigating a string of bank robberies in our community, and it appeared that our suspect was becoming more daring as his success rate increased. When he was first identified, he was happy taking $4,000 from the tellers, but now he has escalated his crime and is going for the vault. On his last robbery, he held several bank employees at gun point until they gave him the money in the vault.


This was a troubling case because we had very little in the way of leads. I decided to head to the prison on the recommendation of my superior, who informed me that the new phone system for the inmates has been upgraded and could be a resource. When I arrived I was impressed with the Securus Technologies inmate call system, the company is definitely one that backs up their promises. Their CEO, Richard Smith, says he and his employees, all one thousand of them, all work towards making the world safer for us all.


We decided to try to use the system to uncover any chatter about our suspect. It wasn’t long before we discovered one of the inmates was taking to a family member about the crime spree, and mentioned who he thought the suspect was based on a friendship he developed with an inmate who was released a few months earlier. These inmates usually will not talk to officers for fear of being considered a rat, but we collected that information and began following up on the lead immediately.


Within hours, we were able to put the pieces together and match pictures of the suspect with his mug shot, and it was a perfect match. With the help of Securus Technologies, it could have taken us weeks or months to find this suspect, and who knows how many he could have hurt in the meantime.