Clayton Hutson Explains Exactly What It Takes To Succeed In The Music Industry

After gaining several years of experience working in the live entertainment industry within multiple capacities, Clayton Hutson successfully launched his own production management company, and has had the pleasure of working under many of the music industriestop celebrities. Starting his business during the recession after witnessing his employer struggle to stay in business, Hutson used the valuable lessons that he learned from all of his previous positions and incorporated them into his business plan to avoid making the same mistakes.


Through hard work and dedication, he expanded his business while perfecting his skills in every segment of the music industry accessible to him. His reputation for creating extravagant concert experiences that incorporate the latest technology is exactly what distinguishes him from the rest. That is because his unique sense of creativity is what he used to brand himself. His distinctions are what he became known by. It was his proven capabilities that solidified his business.


In the concert production industry, productivity is the dominate skill needed in order to impress performers who require a highly innovative and jaw-dropping concert designed, Hutson earned his reputation for being reliably efficient as an event and tour manager. When managing the crew, he arrives to work before them to familiarize himself with the venue and determine exactly what needs to be done to bring his vision to life. He pays particular attention to all of the small details that go into constructing the vision, analyzing every action, element and change as the entire plan comes together. The tasks he delegates to his crew serve the purpose of enhancing the coherence of the production while heightening the excitement that it delivers to concertgoers.


Lady Gaga, Guns N’ Roses, Maxwell, Jim Roach and Marilyn Manson are just a few of the performers who have sought out Hutsons’ services. Because of his unique ability to produce an explosively entertaining concert experience, his business has not only prospered, but impressively become a permanent fixture in the entertainment industry.

In order to make his visions become reality, Hutson starts with a list that dictates all of the tasks that will be needed in order to complete the project. He uses visualizations to ensure that every stage of development adheres perfectly to the plan. In order to maintain the stress of it all, he focuses on the meaningful details while offering a minimal amount of attention to tasks that do not make much of a difference.


Clayton Hutson is an audio engineering and project manager who has designed, produced and managed concert experiences for some of the most prominent performers in the music industry. After obtaining a Bachelor Of Fine Arts degree in Theatre Design and Technical Production as well as Masters in Business Administration, he worked as a production manager for Getagrip Touring and later became the vice-president of production for Ronin Event Creative before starting his own business. As a reputable and distinguished tour manager, production manager and monitor engineer, Hutson has worked with Kanye West, Pink, Prince and Kid Rock- just to name a few. Learn more:


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