CEO and Visionary Brad Reifler

When it comes to modern day executives, it is rare to find one with some determination and experience as Brad Reifler. As a serial entrepreneur, Reifler is a shining light in a world where business can get quite competitive.

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler was the chairman and CEO of Pali capital for over 10 years until 2008. He was the senior managing director during his time there. Back before that, Reifler had founded Reifler Trading Corp. in 1982.

Ten years later, he formed his own capital management group called Reifler Capital Management. He was the head of the sales desk there, dealing with foreign exchange, clients, institutional accounts, derivatives, and creating special programs for high net worth individuals and organizations.

Brad Reifler also helps Symetry Property Development as the director of that LLC and of ITG Marketing Research Inc. and ROOT Exchange.

He has been a part of many different advisory boards and boards in general, such as the European American Investment Bank, Genesis Securities, Foresight Research Solutions, and at Sino Mercury Acquisition Corp as an independent director. He went to Bowdoin college where he got his bachelors degree.

His current firm has pledged to donate $3 million to a non profit called Seals Dixon Center which helps veterans everywhere in the nation. They act locally as well, helping veterans and their military families access solutions like education, healthcare, and employment.

When asked for comment, Brad Reifler said that the reason they did it was to make a big difference in the lives of veterans and military families and also help his clients with their financial lives too.

Among the services offered, and funded by the $3 million, are job training, caregiver training, education, and health services. The company is proud to give to the charity, and the charity is proud to be associated with Forefront Capital, a spokesperson said in a press release.

They predict it will help more stable communities develop because more veterans will have access to the kind of growth needed, thanks to Brad Reifler.

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