Bernardo Chua: A Role Model For Executives In Direct Selling

Bernardo Chua, famous in the network marketing industry, founded the gourmet coffee and tea company Organo Gold in 2008. Born in the Philippines, Chua moved to the West when his former employer, Gano Excel, wanted to expand into Canada and the United States.

Organo Gold, a privately held corporation, is quite successful, thanks to Bernado Chua’s faith in the health benefits of the Ganoderma Lucidium mushroom and his vision of having independent distributors promote Organo Gold’s various products.

When Chua and co-founder Shane Morand started Organo Gold, there were just three employees working in a coffee shop and now, more than one million independent distributors in over 44 countries on six continents are running their own business and taking charge of their future thanks to the direct selling prospect Organo Gold provides.

Chua believes in the health benefits of Ganoderma in Organo Gold’s beverages and supplements, however, the benefits of the ancient Chinese herb was largely unknown in the West. Organo Gold continues to expand, moving into markets where consumers are interested in products that help them maintain their active, healthy lifestyle, including Ganoderma-infused Organic Green Tea, Gourmet Hot Chocolate and Gourmet Black Coffee.

Bernardo Chua, an excellent motivational speaker, has earned multiple Direct Sales Company Executive of the Year awards. He was awarded two Dangal ng Bayan awards in the Philippines, one for being the Number One Global Network Marketing Company, as well.

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  1. The company provides distributors with everything they need to succeed, including a website, office software and samples. For hardworking people, it is a lucrative opportunity. I have come to see that do have what it takes to become something good to all and sundry.

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