Avanca Wants More in a Recent Review of NewsWatch TV

Avanca Marketing Director Nathalie van Wijkvliet has nothing but positive things to say about NewsWatch TV in a recent review of their services. On NewsWatchTV.com consumers can find her review where she talks about how the experience with NewsWatch TV changed her company for the better. Avanca originally appeared on the program to discuss their crowdfunding project for the Ockel Sirius B Pocket PC. She explains that her time working with NewsWatch TV turned out to be a huge success and the company was able to make $456,551. This was an amazing feat because Avanca made 29 times more money than they originally asked for, in just 30 days, after their feature aired.

One way that NewWatch TV shares information with their viewers is through their website at NewsWatchTV.com. On this website, viewers can find information about companies such as Avanca. With comprehensive product reviews and the latest information in tech, NewsWatch TV is continuing to prove their competence. NewsWatch TV also has a lot of information on their website about a variety of other subjects. While Avanca happens to be discussing a technology device, NewsWatch TV reviews an eclectic array of different products to provide a full view of the current market.

NewsWatch TV has been airing since 1990 on the AMC and ION networks. Hosts Susan Bridge, Andrew Trepeano, and Michelle Ison provide information in short two-minute segments that give concise details on different subjects. This allows viewers to receive information in a format that caters to them without a jumble of technical language. The hosts are also engaging and address the audience with respect. They certainly believe in the work that they are doing with NewsWatch TV. With this level of commitment, the noble work being done at NewsWatch TV is sure to continue well into the future.