An Impactful Career Journey of Marco Antonio Marques da Silva

PUC-Sao Paulo honored Marco Antonio Marques da Silva on April 1. This highly celebrated ceremony was presided by the able Dirceu de Mello who is the university president as well as a former president of Sao Paulo State Court of Appeals. In the speech of the president, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva dynamic approach was highly recognized. He was praised for his ability and readiness to offer solutions and help with all that he has. Mr. Mello added that Marco is a judge who was committed to ensuring that there was the effective construction of the auditoriums and so the honor was deserved. One of the most tenured professors at PUC, Ricardo Sayeg, gave a wonderful salutation towards the honoree Marco on behalf of the entire Faculty of Law in the institution. Ricardo gave a speech addressing the successful career of Marco Antonio Marques da Silva. Marco was born in Itapetininga city in 1958 and at the age of 15 years, he was fully decided that he would pursue law as his lifetime career. He did not waste time when the time came to join higher learning. He enrolled for legal studies at PUC in the year 1977 and by 1981; he was already done and graduated. All his specializations, doctorate, masters, and teaching degrees were received from Pontifical Catholic University. Marco received his postdoctoral fellowship from Faculty of Law in Coimbra in the year 2005. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva became a professor at PUC in 1982 where he earned his tenure in 2003. He continues to teach there to date.


Marco Antonio Marques da Silva career journey has been ever rich after finishing school. In 1983, he became part of the State Judiciary as well as working within the counties of Monte Alto, Sao Paulo, Palmeira D’Oerste, and Diadema. He received a prestigious promotion in 2002 as a substitute judge and later in 2007 became a judge in the Court of Appeals. Apart from his law career, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has done incredible literary work. He has successfully authored 40 articles as well as 13 books. After the speech, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva was very emotional and could not withhold his gratitude towards the friends and the family who attended the ceremony.