Todd Lubar started his education at St Friends school in Washington DC in the year 1977-1987. He then attended The Peddie School in Hightstown NJ. for his high school education, and after that, he joined Syracuse University and graduated in the year 1995 with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in speech communication. With at least two decades of business experience, Todd has brought notable changes in various areas of business. With expanding utilization of innovation in the world of business, there has been a lot of opposition, but it’s the world we work and live in.


After graduating from Syracuse University Todd Lubar started his career life at Crestar Mortgage Corporation and he worked with them from the year 1995-1999. From 1999 he went to work with Legacy Financial group which is located some distance from Arlington Texas, and there he helped the Maryland office to give an incredible production of 100 million dollars in a year, all in the form of loan volume. Until 2005 Todd was with the legacy finance group when he decided to move forward and was approached by Charter Funding a division of First Magnus Financial Group which is based some distance from Arizona for the position of a vice president.


Todd Lubar was with the charter Funding as there V.C President until August of 2007 when he decided to get back to the roots at his first company Crestar Mortgage Corporation without forgetting that for all this time he was away and the Corporation had undergone numerous changes. After coming back, he now shifted gears to focus on purchase money mortgage patenting from Priority Financial services.


Despite focusing on mortgage banking all of his careers Todd Lubar owned some other companies; Demolition industry, Recycling industry, Real estate and the Night Club industry. For some years he was the top of 25 mortgage originators in his country. His vast experience in various companies has helped Lubar to understand what keeps the business running and how to excel in various environments.


Todd Lubar has for many years worked with various people from all walks of life without discrimination or favor and from this, he has come to learn that it is so important to become an extraordinary business pioneer. As everyone is working extra hard to become a glorious pioneer, there are some different special attributes that when brought together can make a great pioneer. With 20 years of experience in the credit and fund sector Ludar understands that he has to get rid of the normal boundaries that prevent people from welcoming required advances and to achieve this, he thought of some items and program for customers that give them what they exactly need which is: RELIEF.