Alexandre Gama Continues To Impress The Advertising Industry

Alexandre Gama is the COO and CEO of his own Brazilian advertising firm, Neogama. It was founded in 1999 after Gama spent nearly 20 years in the industry working for various firms. Neogama immediately became an international firm, winning a Golden Lion from Cannes in its first year of operation. This marked the first time in the history of the Cannes Film Festival that a ‘rookie’ firm won a Golden Lion.

Neogama has gone on to win a total of 23 Golden Lions in the years since, making it one of the world’s most recognized agencies. Neogama was acquired by the Publicis Groupe in 2012 but since has become an independent firm ran by Alexandre. Gama has won numerous industry awards to include the 2006 Agency Director of the Year, a 2007 Cabore award for Entrepreneur of the Year in the Communications Industry, and selected to present a Masterclass at Cannes.