Against the Odds, EOS Changes the Way People Care for their Lips

The idea of taking care of your lips has been around for quite some time. Companies like Chapstick and Blistex have made a fortune providing products for people. With so many options already available it might seem surprising that a little known company like EOS, Evolution of Smooth, would even consider making lip balm or any similar product.

EOS’s journey began out of a desire to see change from the norm with lip care. After careful consideration and research regarding current methods, EOS lip balm create a unique sphere that can be used to apply lip balm to lips. They felt it was time to rethink the tube, but to do so in a way that was not dramatically different. Furthermore EOS understood they would have to be very strategic if they were going to make themselves known in this market. They primarily focused on women since women buy the majority of lip balm. They targeted a female buyer at Walgreens who loved the little spheres. This opened the doors to getting their product on the shelves at other major stores such as Walmart, Racked and Target. Finally, and perhaps most importantly EOS understood how to reach their target audience, millennials. EOS used Youtube and blogs to get word out on the street. They built a strong presence on social media to spread the word and get people interested in buying the product.

Today EOS has become a major success. The Lip Balm company now has nearly 2 million followers on Instagram and more than 7 million on Facebook,

. They sell more than one million lip balms a week. Their products have even spawned copycats from some of the major players in this category. EOS continues to be innovative however, making other products including shaving cream and lotions. They appear to be a staple in the lip care category for many years to come.

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  1. Despite the odds that were stacked against them, EOS lip balm not only entered this product category, they have changed the way the world, in particular women take care of their lips. That may mean that would be so proper for sure and that could be so cool if EOS can also stress what other people.

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