A Look Into Dr. David Samadi: Chief of Robotic Surgery, Lenox Hill Hospital

As a young boy, David had the dream of one day becoming a doctor and helping people. When scientific research and innovations led to the invention of robotic surgery equipment, David’s career was instantly defined. The new technologies and procedures fascinated him, and he decided to specialize in the field of robotic surgery. He graduated from the stony School Brook of Medicine in 1994 and did his postgraduate studies at Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Since then, Dr. David has performed over 7, 000 robotic prostate surgeries in over 40 countries. Dr. David Samadi is currently the Chief of Robotic Surgery and the Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital.

Work History

Dr. David Samadi is a leader in men’s health. His specialization is in treating prostate cancer, kidney and bladder cancers, and urologic disease. He provides treatments and therapies that focus on addressing the underlying condition, reducing incontinence, and improving the sexual health and quality of life. In the more than 7, 000 robotic prostate surgeries that he has performed, 90 percent of them have been cancer free. This is after he invented the SMART technique which stands for Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment. The method has helped in reducing the side effects of the traditional prostate surgery such as incontinence and impotence.

Besides robotic surgery, David has also performed more than 800 laparoscopic procedures. He also trains other professionals in the field on how to the da Vinci system, a revolutionary technology that’s been innovated to increase precision, visualization, and skill during surgery. Dr. David is honored to be among the few Oncologic surgeons in the US who are trained in all the three areas of surgery: open, robotic, and laparoscopic.

Other Achievements

When he is not performing surgeries, Dr. David will be found engaging in conversation with his patient. He loves to assist his patients by providing useful keys on how to detect prostate cancer early, prevent, and manage it even after treatment. It is this connection with his patients that has helped in marketing his business. His commitment to patient satisfaction has allowed him to benefit from word-of-mouth advertising. Dr. David Samadi is truly a reckoning force in the medical industry, and particularly in the field of robotic surgery. He believes that newer technologies are yet to be discovered and encourages people to invest in telemedicine and telesurgery.